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Payment and Delivery Terms

Subject  and  scope These  General  Terms  and  Conditions  for  Online  Sales  (hereinafter  referred  to  as  “General Terms”)  apply  to  all  purchase  orders  you initiate via the website Cardmium.com  (hereinafter  referred  to  as  “Website”)  and  your  subsequent  agreement with  Cardmium Investments CC, Namibia  (hereinafter  referred to  as  “Cardmium”)  regarding  your  purchase  of  goods, software, services,  updates  or upgrades  (collectively  referred to  as  “products”). These  General  Terms  apply  equally  to  commercial  entities  and  consumers.  Differing  provisions for consumers  have  been  made  where  necessary. Order  process  and  conclusion  of purchase  agreement The  product  presentation  on  our  Website  does  not  represent  an  offer  but  shall  be  understood as a  non-binding  invitation  for  the  customer  to  submit  an order. By  clicking  the  “Buy  now”  button,  you  send  us  a  binding  offer  for  the  conclusion  of  a  purchase agreement  with Cardmium  regarding  the  Products  in  your  shopping  cart  (hereinafter referred  to  as  “Order”). Cardmium  may,  at  its  discretion,  accept  or  reject  the  Order.  Cardmium  will  accept  your  Order  by sending  an  order  confirmation  or  simply  by  delivering  the  ordered product  to  you.  Unless otherwise  stated,  the  effective  date  of  the  purchase  agreement  is  the  date  on  which  Cardmium confirms  by  email  the  acceptance  of  your  Order.  In  case  of  purchase  on  advance  payment,  the purchase  agreement  is  subject  to  the  condition  of  and  shall  become  binding  for  Cardmium  only upon  receipt  of  the  full payment  for  the purchase. If you  place  an  Order  through  our Website,  the  ordering  process  comprises  four  steps: 

  1. You  select  the  desired products “Add to Cart” . 
  2. You  check  all  items  in  your  “Shopping  Cart” and  apply  any  necessary  changes to variations or quantities as per product options
  3. You  click  the “Check  Out”  button  to  proceed  to  payment. If  you  have  not  already  done  so,  you  log  into  your  user  account  with  email  and  password and  enter  the required  customer  data  for the  invoice. 
  4. Finally,  on  the  “Checkout”  page,  you  select  the  preferred  method  of  payment  and  confirm your  acceptance  of  the  conditions  that  shall  apply  to  the  purchase.  Here,  you  can  again change  the  invoice  details,  check  your  purchase  data  and  return  to  the  cart  by  clicking “Back  to  cart”.  By  clicking  “Buy  now”,  your  Order  becomes  binding.

With  our  order  confirmation  and/or  delivery,  we  will  send  you  a  copy  of  the corresponding Order,  including  the  corresponding  invoice,  to  your email  address.


Prices,  delivery  costs,  taxes  and  duties All prices  quoted  on  our  Website  are in NAMIBIAN DOLLARS  net, inclusive of  taxes  or charges  that  may  apply  to the particular  case. No delivery  costs  will be  charged for  the  delivery  of the  ordered Software. 


Delivery Terms 

Delivery terms are as per options listed per product and may vary based on promotional offers, type of product, your specific selected option when processing checkout.

Note : It is your responsibility to provide accurate shipping details as per standard courier and product delivery terms of public courier services. Any incorrectly entered shipping and delivery addresses are the sole responsibility of the customer and lost or misplaced products due to such are not the responsibility of Cardmium.

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